Restoring freedom through brain-computer interfaces

We're building powerful, minimally invasive brain implants that will provide breakthrough treatments to patients with neurological conditions.
People Focused

Everyone deserves an unrestricted life

Tens of millions of people are impacted by severe neurological conditions for which there is no cure, such as stroke, dementia, and traumatic brain injury.
High-density brain-computer interfaces promise a way forward, but they’ve never been available for mass adoption. That's where we come in.
Advanced technology

Brain-computer interfaces that can scale

Existing brain computer interface techniques are invasive and offer minimal functionality, making them unsuitable to treat all but a few severe neurological conditions.
Our high resolution electrode arrays are able to safely interact with the entire surface of the brain–a technology designed to benefit millions of patients.

How it works

Breakthrough Technology

Our high-density electrode array conforms to the surface of the brain’s cortex. The interface is bidirectional, meaning electrodes can both record and stimulate neural activity.

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Join us in pioneering life-changing treatments for neural disorders